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Dear Stella Sister

What I know is that Emma and her life were a pivitol and needed change in direction for my life. I know for certainty that all the amazingly good things that I have in my life is because of the impact her life had on mine. I am a good person. I am not being punished. Emma’s life was exactly as it was meant to be – and I was the one chosen to be blessed to hold her, kiss her, love her and be strong enough to hold her memory forever. I know this on a intellectual level, now I just need to get my heart to believe it.

I knew there would be more Emma tears on my journey this year. I knew I had more inner work to sort through. These moments are difficult. Honestly these moments suck. But they remind me that I am one step closer to breaking through to a place within where I am peaceful and can finally tap into the unlimited reserve of myself that is going to create something bigger than I can even imagine.

There are no words to adequately describe my deep gratitude for you.

Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for hearing my story. Thank you for sharing that it was your story too.

Thank you for sharing your kind words. Thank you for the loving touches as you passed me by. Thank you for trusting me with your tears, your experience. Thank you for trusting me with those soft places within that we often don’t share with strangers. I did not and will not take those confidences for granted.

Thank you for reminding me over and over why this business called me – it was always you, the woman with unshakable power, resilience and love.

I was afraid to share my deepest pain. I felt unworthy to stand in the same light as our founders and leaders. If only I could share with you how many tears I shed in fear. So for every hug (there were so many), smile, touch, and kind word – you made it worth taking the risk. Thank you for stopping me as I walked by, thank you for interrupting my lunch and dinner, those moments filled me so much more than food ever could.

What I know is this. There are no mistakes. Every moment counts and there is a reason for everything.

Our personal journeys are defining – share them. Our reasons for loving Stella & Dot are important – share them. Our spirit that will forever change our planet is powerful and bold – share it.

I’m tall.  I’ve always been taller than average and I’ve always wished to be a few inches shorter. 3 inches to be exact. Those who are shorter than I and apparently wish to be taller they will often say:

“wow, don’t you love being tall” or “it must be awesome to be able to reach everything” or even better yet “you’re all legs, lucky you!”

lucky me??? How about we go shopping together and we’ll see who’s lucky – the girl who can cut material off her pants to make them fit her or the girl who can’t…

I don’t hate being tall, if nothing else it creates conversation…and they are right, I can reach almost everything.